Welcome to The Composer Exchange, a vibrant online hub where composers, musicians, arrangers, producers, and songwriters unite in the pursuit of creative growth and collaborative learning. At the heart of our community lies the spirit of information exchange, resource sharing, and mutual inspiration. 

As a user-led and self-organizing platform, The Composer Exchange thrives on the active participation of its members. Our community convenes online, offering a variety of interactive experiences tailored to the needs and interests of music professionals.

Engage in our diverse range of activities, including:

  • Weekly and monthly workshops focusing on essential topics such as harmony, production, songwriting, and the latest industry trends.
  • Insightful discussions that delve into current market dynamics and creative innovations.
  • Regular peer reviews and feedback sessions, providing a supportive space for constructive critique and artistic development.
  • The Composer Exchange Podcast, a weekly feature presenting in-depth interviews with seasoned composers and key figures in the music industry.

The Composer Exchange is an invitation only community administered by the Business Innovation Center, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, and moderated by cinematic composer Christopher Nielsen. If you are interested in joining us here at The Composer Exchange to connect, collaborate, and create with fellow music enthusiasts, please send a request through the contact page on this web site. Together, we foster a dynamic environment where every voice contributes to the symphony of our collective success.

Thank you in advance for your interest. CN